Moab Area Travel Council

Moab Multi Media Campaign
Campaign Objectives: 
Increase overnight visits, increase dollars spent by tourists, gain more exposure and awareness for Moab, and spread the campaign out over two states, Utah and Colorado, to encourage visitation growth from both.
Media Plan Overview: 
We coupled the TV commercial ads with the RFI component to drive people INSTANTLY to the site to ask for more information and drive the distribution of Moab brochures. Left to do that after the show it may not happen as often. The online piece that we did with and with was intended to drive views up. The TV portion of our promotion primarily occurred during a time of year that is cooler or cold, and the daylight hours are fewer. The hope was that more eyeballs would be viewing the ads. We also added a promotion component with Honda dealers in the state to drive more interest with a well known, brand name, company.
Utah RFI leads totaled 423 leads Colo. RFI leads totaled 264 leads We didn't run the RFI in the summer because we were running the the Auto Dealer promo. produced over 300 hours of Video Playback
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