With a new owner-operator and a new name, Mount Pleasant Chevrolet of Mount Pleasant, SC, had significant ground to make up. Sales and market share were lagging, and nearby road construction made it nearly impossible for customers to get to the dealership. After first building a new showroom and increasing inventory space, the dealer was ready to re-introduce itself to the community.

The dealership was limited to advertising in its primary market area, making it critical to capture customers in a 5-10 mile radius. Comcast Spotlight’s geographic targeting focused TV and digital advertising in the zones surrounding the dealership. Using data to identify the networks most watched by 25-to-54-year olds who owned or leased Chevrolets, the dealer’s initial TV schedule included networks like Discovery, ESPN, FX, History and Spike. For an added emphasis on truck buyers, the plan later expanded to include a package of NFL coverage, while the target audience also broadened to include buyers of competing brands by including networks like A&E and HGTV. A broad-based digital advertising strategy included both static and in-banner video ads and pre-roll video advertising as well as monthly “roadblocks” on the XFINITY.com sign-in page.

Multi-screen advertising delivered impressive, across-the-board results for Mount Pleasant Chevrolet. Total vehicle sales more than doubled year to year, from 210 to 491. The dealership’s parts department business grew 215%, while the service department sales increased 150%. Digital traffic also grew, as online sales increased from 2.1% to 12.75%. Within its targeted zones, the dealership increased registrations by 78% and share by 81% over approximately one-and-a-half years. The overall growth was enough for the dealership to pull all advertising from local broadcast TV, reallocating that investment to Comcast Spotlight’s multi-screen video advertising solutions.